RidNacs: Free Disk Space Usage Tool for Windows

RidNacs is a free and very fast disk space usage analyzer for Windows. It scans your hard drives, network drives or single folders and displays the results in a multi-column tree view with a percentage bar chart column. The familiar file manager interface gives the user an intuitive way to analyze and identify the largest files and folders. This makes RidNacs to your best companion if you want to clean up the disk and you need to discover the space hogs on your hard drive.

The result of the scan can be exported in different formats (XML, HTML, CSV, TXT), so it could be printed or compared with future scans. Besides of all these benefits RidNacs has an outstanding scan performance and it scores with a small memory footprint.

Screenshot of RidnNacs on Windows 11

Functions in RidNacs

  • Files smaller than a configurable size can be grouped
  • Files can directly be opened and deleted inside of RidNacs
  • Explorer context menu support: you can start RidNacs right out of the Windows Explorer context menu, if you right click on folders or drives
  • The Style of the percentage bar is configurable with skins
  • Favorites list combines the drives with the most recent used folders
  • Incompletely scanned directories are tagged with a symbol
  • XML format for saving the analysis result
  • Network drives can also be scanned

More Informations

System requirements

RidNacs is running on every Windows platform from Windows XP to Windows 11.