RidNacs Change Log

Version 2.0.3 
- Improved: Network drives are now displayed in the "Choose Directory" dialog 
- Bugfix: Wrong folder icons were displayed under Windows 7  
Version 2.0.2 
- New: Single files will not be grouped - Improved: Delete progress dialog stays on top   
- Bugfix: File size for "Bankers Rounding" was rounded to 0   
Version 2.0.1 
- Bugfix: Access violation occured if the "Percent" column was at first position when the programm starts    
- Bugfix: The fractional part of terrabyte file sizes was truncated  
Version 2.0 
- Files smaller than a configurable size can be grouped 
- Files can be opened and deleted inside of RidNacs 
- Explorer context menu is supported 
- Associated file icons are retrieved in a background thread (improved performance) 
- Style of the percentage bar is configurable (Skins) 
- A new favorites list combines drives with most recent used directories 
- Incomplete scanned directories are tagged with a symbol 
- Another XML format for saving the analysis result 
- Preferences dialog  
Version 1.0.2 
- The information about the free disk space will now be updated if a partial rescan of directories is performed   
Version 1.0.1 
- Save and restore positions of the TreeView columns  
- The selected installation language is now inherited as the default application language 
- Typo in the german explorer context menu corrected 
- Added credits for the "Silk Icon" set to the "readme" files